To enable ex-servicemen and women overcoming homelessness or mental trauma to be regarded as positively as those overcoming physical trauma, both in the workplace and in the wider community.

”You only have to chat to these guys for five minutes to appreciate what they can still contribute … how valuable they are within society.”

Duke of Sussex


We are providing platforms on which veterans can be employed to tell their story and demonstrate their capability.  They have a unique contribution to make in creating a more receptive, understanding and helpful environment for anyone overcoming homelessness or mental trauma.  A significant part of their work is to counter the fear and stigma which cast doubt on their usefulness or desirability.


We are a small, tightly-run operation intent on delivering a powerful, strategic impetus to public perceptions.  We recognise we are a tiny part of the broad spectrum of charities, both military and civilian, working with mental trauma overcomers and the homeless.  Whenever possible, we will work with or alongside existing charities.



Hats Off for Bootsie plans to tour The Terminus in 2024/5. Its central character is a homeless war veteran suffering from mental trauma and dementia. The majority of our cast and crew will be military veterans who have professionally retrained in theatre and film after overcoming mental trauma, homelessness or both. We aim to capture the journey with a documentary film unit. The Terminus will run in tandem with a number of publicity ventures to generate national interest in the issues it raises.

” …an exceptional play … a wonderful piece of writing … the only play yet to attract us beyond our Shakespeare remit.”

Jaclyn McLoughlin

Founder of UK & US Combat Veteran Players

Albert Lines (Bootsie) was a World War II veteran who lived rough on the streets of Kingston Upon Thames in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

He is the inspiration for this charity and its flagship event The Terminus.


Hats Off for Bootsie

The Summit

2 Castle Hill Terrace


Berkshire SL6 4JP

Charity no. 1165319

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