Our flagship event is the stage premiere of The Terminus


 Sculpture © Paul Day

All the action of the play takes place during January on the freezing concourse of a railway terminus.  The central character is an old vagrant known as Boney who sleeps rough beside the platforms.  We discover Boney is a war veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder made worse by the onset of Alzheimer’s.  He stays alive solely to find his wife and sweetheart, Meriel, who died when he was a young man.
Boney feels alien to the prosperous melee on the concourse; it intimidates and destabilizes him.  Reminders of his past provoke him into riding a tumult of emotions, reliving what he sees as the failures that have shaped his life.  A remarkable woman, Lady Georgina Buller, looks beyond Boney’s rudeness, rage and dishevelment to help us catch glimpses of a formidable, well-educated man with a gentle, poetic soul and an unquenchable spirit.  Her understanding helps bring a semblance of calm and closure to his traumatic life.
Hats Off for Bootsie - Lady in the Station
The play also connects with sharpest relevance to recent conflicts throughout the world.  It avoids jingoistic boasting and explores how individuals pay the price for military action and epic, historical events.  Boney’s armed forces eulogy starts by honouring those he has seen fall in battle, and then broadens under a shower of poppies to include servicemen and women across the centuries to the present-day.
Hats Off for Bootsie
This is a story which encompasses some of the grim realities of mental trauma and homelessness but which ultimately uplifts.  It also manages to be hugely enjoyable, not least because it taps into Boney’s dark humour and disarming honesty. Live music helps wrack up the stress and torment Boney feels, as well as express contrasting moments of tenderness and calm.  Despite all that happens, the play is never far from the simple account of a confused, old man trying to make sense of what becomes the last day of his life.
“… very vivid and moving … I am excited by having some type of design involvement in its production.”

Paul Day

International Sculptor

“… a moving, highly original treatment of prescient themes with well-drawn characters: beautifully written.”

Founder and Artistic Director MESH theatre co.


“… a first-class piece of writing by an author with a natural feel for the stage.”

Mark Glanville

Award-Winning Author and Journalist

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